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The LeviCell® 1.0 System is a self-use, walk up instrument that uses magnetic levitation for label-free live cell separation in a low-pressure environment. Unlike traditional cell enrichment methods, the instrument requires only 3 hands-on steps, does not require labels or dyes and takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish. This streamlined workflow helps to maintain biological phenotype without altering, stressing, or damaging cells.  The system is compatible with any sample source, cell type, and cell media, is scalable to large cells, clusters, and organoids. Samples are pipetted into a single-use cartridge and magnetic force separates individual cells according to type or state based on the different levitation heights caused by their intrinsic physical properties. Separated cells are transitioned into collection ports for easy recovery. The LeviCell 1.0 System offers user-adjustable flow rates and collection ratios, and low-pressure fluidics with low shear stress. It accommodates samples up to 350 µm in diameter and is well-suited for enrichment of both cells and nuclei.

The LeviCell offers 6 distinct advantages for lab researchers.

  1. FASTER WORKFLOW: RBC & debris removal included in the process; various cell types can be imaged, counted, and classified within a single workflow.
  2. GENTLE SORTING: Cells are gently collected in an unaltered state using low pressures and minimal handling.
  3. SAFETY: The LeviCell fits within a cell culture hood or biosafety cabinet without aerosol formation and enables complete sterility.
  4. EASE OF USE: No dyes or labels required for cell separation and the entire process is 3 steps and under 20 minutes.
  5. FLEXIBILITY: Works with large cells and clusters including Embryos, Small Animals, and Organoids.
  6. HIGH YIELD & VIABILITY: Highest industry yield and viability for all tested cell types.

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