SPT Labtech Mosquito

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Serial dilutions the mosquito way; low volume and high speed
mosquito is changing the way serial dilutions are done; the ability to aspirate from ultra low volumes of sample (dead volume as low as 0.2 µL), dispense and efficiently mix, makes it the perfect liquid handler for low volume serial dilutions. With less than 2 µL of your precious stock solution, mosquito LV can prepare a full dilution curve and stamp it out into multiple assay plates in a matter of minutes.

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Minimize compound wastage and maximize screening output
mosquito LV offers an accurate and easy to use solution to miniaturizing any assay within an automated, high throughput setting. With mosquito LV, you can use smaller volumes of precious compound with no risk of cross-contamination. This results in cost savings and allows more extensive screening. mosquito is simple to use and allows you to reformat from any plate type or format to another, it can even access low profile microtubes, and hence eliminate the need for intermediate mother plates.

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