ThermoFisher GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

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Transform your lab with a GeneTitan™ instrument and experience the superior power of streamlining array processing for discovery, exploration, and screening. Both the GeneTitan Instrument for expression applications and the GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument for expression and genotyping seamlessly integrate hybridization, washing, and imaging in a single instrument to provide automated array processing—whether you are performing basic or applied research.

  • Scalable—meets both medium- and high-throughput needs, enables fast time to data with fewer resources.
  • Efficient—condenses hands-on processing time to as little as 30 minutes, images an array in less than five minutes, and operates unattended overnight.
  • Flexible—supports gene expression and genotyping studies on multi-format array plates.
  • Accurate—designed to deliver high-quality, consistent data by processing multiple samples under identical conditions.
  • Adaptable—creates flexible workflows and sample registration via the GeneChip™ Command Console™ Software (AGCC)

The flexibility you want—multiple formats and customized solutions for gene expression and genotyping studies

GeneTitan™ instruments together with Affymetrix™ High-Throughput (HT) Array Plates provide the first automated solution for microarray processing. With a broad selection of array plate formats, you can easily transition from discoveries through genome-wide SNP genotyping, to comprehensive explorations of gene expression profiles relating to important biological phenotypes, such as disease or drug response.

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